Our History

Hello, I'm Jimmy Miller. I got my start in the photography business shooting local weddings and newborns with my wife in 2011.

I loved the creative process of shooting the photos (I was finally fulfilling my childhood dream), but I loathed the process of editing them one by one.

When I discovered Lightroom Presets, it was an absolute game changer for my career and my own life. I could actually have a personal life!

The presets accelerated my editing process, created consistency in my work and allowed me to have more free time to close new jobs and enjoy my family.

From my practical experience, I started to design my own Lightroom Presets to fit with my light and airy aesthetic editing. I began to share my Preset Collections with other creative photographers and Lightroom enthusiasts online.

Based on the many compliments and requests for creating new presets, I realized that this was a possibility to build a new brand. A brand that could help other colleagues by improving their photos and save precious time editing.

This is how Presets Premium came about, which today has a team of 5 professional photographers, all of whom are committed to my initial purpose.

At Presets Premium, we equip you and your business to succeed with our unmatched Lightroom Presets and Brushes! In 3 years of operation, we are proud to have clients in more than 50 countries, all because you trusted us with your images. We are very grateful for the opportunity to work with you.

Our Mission

Our Vision

To become a reference in solutions for photographers.

Our Values

Ethics and seriousness with our partners, always aiming to respect the consumer, always delivering more than we promise.

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